This mod list is currently under heavy development as I am adding a compatibility section with OpenMorrowind and update the list as a whole. It is not considered stable and you need to exercise your own judgement please.
Morrowind++ is a supposed to be a lore-friendly and vanilla-style immersive modlist based arround Sigourn's MorrowindSharp/NerevarRising modlist and RandomPal's "An alternative to Morrowind Rebirth" modlist.
This mod list does not need to be followed 100% and relies to some degree of common sense.
This mod relies on MLOX to sort your plugins.
Feel free to remove or add additional mods to your liking. I wrote a small guide on how to update your mod load order and plugins at the end of this guide here.
The main list is supposed to be compatible with OpenMW and the original engine (+MWSE). The section mwse contains MWSE mods for the original engine, the section openmw contains mods for OpenMW.
In the guide, I use 📃 to indicate a mod is only compatible with the original engine, and ✨ to indicate a mod is only compatible with OpenMW.
You can run through this mod list by navigating from top to bottom in the left-hand sidebar, starting with Setup until Finish.


This mod list is built around some major mod projects related to landscape:
and content and gameplay:
No major combat or gameplay overhauls have been installed, and the vanilla leveling system is only fixed by the excellent Improved Vanilla Leveling mod - leaving those fabulous Morrowind level-up screens intact!



Follow these steps to set up all the modding tools you need for a modded Morrowind install.
Even if you have all the tools installed, I recommend at least skimming over the tools-setup section to get MLOX running properly and make some ini edits.

Mod List

This is the mod list proper - install the mods in order as they appear here. MO2 mod order is the order of the mods in this list.


For help with this mod list and many many bug fixes:

TODO (additions)

TODO (maybe)


​Of Melodies and Moonlight - A Sadrith Mora Artist Surrounded by rumors, a peculiar painter roams the night. Will you help him and become his apprentice? To start the quest, talk to Veradul Dervayn, the artist, who for some odd reason prefers to paint at night. BCOM compatible.
​Of Murk and Mussels - A Sadrith Mora Trader This mod adds an unique and detailed salvage shop to Sadrith Mora with a quest and lots of unique clothing and armor assets. BCOM compatible. Now you have at least three reasons to check this mod out!
​OAAB Market Adds a new room in the Telvanni Council House where the player, and the other npcs, can relax, sleep and eat.
⭐ Shipyards of Vvardenfell (Sadrith Mora - Seyda Neen - Gnaar Mok) Morrowind is full of ships, boats and skiffs but who built them and where? Our mod seeks to answer these questions once and for all by adding shipyards to towns by the sea. The mod adds shipyards to Sadrith Mora, Seyda Neen and Gnaar Mok with four engaging quests in total.
​Journey's End - Tamriel Rebuilt Edition The island is located far to the east of Vvaardenfell. Beyond the mainland, between Necrom and Port Telvannis.


See here: Changelog​
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