• An english copy of the game.
  • A Nexus account. This guide assumes you are using a Free account, so no need to pay for Premium.
  • A file archiver. I recommend 7-Zip.
  • A text editor. I recommend Notepad++.
  • .NET 6 Runtime (for TES3Merge, a conflict resolution tool).


You should install Morrowind outside all default Windows folders (Program Files, Program Files (x86), Desktop, and Documents for example). Windows User Account Control monitors these folders, which can cause problems later on.
Your Morrowind Root folder is where Morrowind will be installed, and where the game's executable (Morrowind.exe), launcher (Morrowind Launcher.exe), and Data Files folder will be found. For example:
Additional, you will need a folder where to install our mod manager and keep your mods. For example:
Make sure you don't create your Morrowind Root folder inside your Morrowind folder. Mod Organizer 2 will fail to register your installed mods.

Cleaning up your installation

The GOG release of Morrowind shipped with files that are of no use to the average player. These files are not necessary and do nothing but clutter up your installation. Some of the files we will delete are the official plugins Bethesda released for Morrowind. These are to be considered low quality mods, with some having received a rework from fans to make them actually worth your while. You can read about the official plugins here.
All said, delete the following from your Morrowind\Data Files folder in order to free about 700 MBs from your install:
  • The BookArt, Icons, Meshes, and Textures folders.
  • All .esp files. There should be 8 of them, corresponding to the 8 official plugins.
  • All .txt files. There should be 8 of them, corresponding to the 8 official plugins.
Your Data Files folder should now look like this.

⭐ DXVK [Original Engine Only]

A Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 9/10/11. Gives you more FPS. Yes. Use either:
Install instructions:
  • Open the archive with 7zip
  • Open the archive within the archive
  • Open the x32 folder
  • Put the d3d9.dll in that folder into your Morrowind directory

Morrowind Code Patch [Original Engine Only]

Directly patches bugs in the Morrowind program (Morrowind.exe), which cannot otherwise be fixed by editing scripts or data files. It is a must-have utility for anyone who plays Morrowind, and should be the first utility you ever install.
  • Manually download Morrowind Code Patch (Main files).
  • Extract the contents of the file in your Morrowind Root folder (C:\Games\Morrowind).
Repository for the Beta update for the Morrowind Code Patch. Despite being a beta, the patch is perfectly stable and no crashes have been reported from my end or other users of the guide.
  • Manually download MCP beta (Update files).
  • Extract the contents of the file in your Morrowind Root folder (C:\Games\Morrowind), and overwrite when prompted.


The Morrowind Graphics Extender XE allows Morrowind to render distant views, scenery shadows, high quality shaders and other features. MGE XE supports and includes the latest MWSE 2.1 beta, so that the newest Lua-based mods work straight away.
  • Manually download MGE XE Installer (Main files).
  • Extract the contents of the file and run the MGE XE Installer.exe.
  • When prompted to choose an install location, choose your Root folder (C:\Games\Morrowind).
  • When installation has finished, uncheck both options and click Finish.
  • Go to your Morrowind\Data Files folder and delete XE Sky Variations.esp.
XE Sky Variations is an optional mod included in MGE XE that will randomize the sky colour and sunrise/sunset every day. It requires high quality sky scattering enabled (more on that later) and MWSE to be installed. However, a more modern alternative in the form of Weather Adjuster, a mod we will install further ahead, is available.
Because Morrowind wasn't designed with distant land in mind, certain in-game scenarios which affect the landscape of Morrowind can cause annoying visual issues in the form of pop-ins or fade outs. Distant static overrides tell MGE XE to ignore standard distant land generation rules in order to account for these scenarios.
abot Distant Static Overrides - Necro Edit 2.0.1 Necrolesian's edit of abot's custom distant static overrides, which accounts for different stages of the Morrowind and Bloodmoon main quests, as well as certain quests which modify the game's landscape.
  • Extract the contents of the file.
  • Place the contents of the necro_distant_statics_override folder in your Morrowind\mge3 directory, overwriting when prompted.
This file contemplates the following landscape-altering scenarios:
  • The completion of the Main Quest.
  • The completion of Bloodmoon's Main Quest.
  • The progress and completion of Boethiah's Daedric Quest.
  • The completion of the Siege at Firemoth official plugin.
  • The completion of the construction of each Great House Stronghold.
  • The completion of Raven Rock's construction.
The Readme elaborates on how to use these overrides, so you should definitely give it a read.
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