Cantons on the Global Map by mwclevername Vivec and Molag Mar no longer look like empty water on the global map.
Unstretched Videos by Necrolesian Adds black bars to the sides of the vanilla game videos, including the Bloodmoon videos, so they won't appear stretched when playing in widescreen (16:9).
This mod requires the Mod Specific/Hi-def cutscene support feature to be enabled in the Morrowind Code Patch.
Cutscenes Revamped - Cavern of the Incarnate A modern HD replacer for the Azura Cutscene that plays in the Cavern of the Incarnate. Works with Morrowind and OpenMW.
  • On MO2 installation, an installer window will pop up asking you to set a Data Files Directory. Right click on <data files> and select "Create directory".
  • Type in "Video" to create the Video folder
  • Move mw_cavern.bik into it
This mod requires the Mod Specific/Hi-def cutscene support feature to be enabled in the Morrowind Code Patch.
Title Screen and Logo Video Intro Reworked by Phobos90 HD recreation of the Title and Logo Intro, in widescreen.
  • Files to install:
    • Title Screen Reworked (Widescreen) (Main files)
In the Setup section we enabled the option to skip the intro movies, so there's no point in installing the Logo Video Intro Reworked (Widescreen) main file.
Widescreen Splash Replacer by NZdawghaus This is a repost of NZdawghaus' original Wide Screen Splash Replacer files. It is posted with direct specific permission from NZdawghaus. Gives 16:9 versions of vanilla Splash Screens.
Widescreen Splash Additions Adds three missing Bethesda splash screens in widescreen resolution.
  • On MO2 installation, create a Splash folder.
  • Move the .tga files inside.
RFD's Splash Screens by RedFurryDemon Three packs of somewhat minimalist loading screens. Or splash screens. Whatever you call them.
Fresco Splash Screens by Petetehgoat This is a set of 14 splash screens showing off Tyddy's frescoes.
Gonzo's Splash Screens This pack contains 75 splash screens plus 2 alternate splash screens in a unified style. All images are 16:9. Includes Kirkbride concept art, Monopteryx's creature art, fan art by Mikhail Pabor, and high DPI Wagner map crops. Compatible with OpenMW and Morrowind.exe.

Fonts and icons

Better Readable Beauty Font High resolution replacer for the Magic Cards font, used in most of the user interface.
A more purist alternative to this mod is Better Dialogue Font.
Better Daedric Font High resolution replacer for the Daedric font used in scrolls.
  • On MO2 installation, create a Fonts folder.
  • Move the daedric_font.fnt and daedric_font_obw.tex files inside.
Comrade Raven's Book Arts Replacer Replaces most of the original book arts with hi-res images redrawn from scratch.
  • On MO2 installation, right-click on Data Files.
  • Click Set as data files directory and click OK.
Comrade Raven's Book Arts Replacer ESP Replacer Forwards PfP fixes to the plugin.
External Link to the download.
Useful Maps and Guides by Lucevar Makes the "Guide to..." scrolls more useful by scripting them to reveal the cities on your world map.
  • Files to install:
    • Useful Maps and Guides (Main files)
    • TR Addon (Optional files)
Classes Neural Kirkbridization This mod replaces the portraits of the different classes in the game with depictions that accurately represent the proud and powerful Dunmer race.