Restocking Alchemy Essentials Increases the availability of restocking Restore Magicka, Restore Fatigue, and Restore Health potions across Alchemists, Apothecaries, and Healers. Now these potions will be easier to come across for sale.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Poison Crafting Patch
Creeping Blight by Necrolesian Changes weather chances, including an increasing chance of blight throughout Vvardenfell before the Main Quest is complete.
  • Files to install:
    • 📃 Creeping Blight - MWSE Version (Main files) OR
    • Creeping Blight - Plugin Version (Main files) OR
Running Fatigue Overhaul by Pherim Running and Swimming uses much less Fatigue, but Fatigue regenerates slower
External Link to the download.
Speed and Movement Rebalanced by Remiros(Flash3113) Rebalances the speed attribute and overall movement in the game in an attempt to make it feel more natural.
  • After installation, hide the mod's MWSE folder. This disables the sprinting feature.
Chargen Revamped Customize/randomize your starting attributes, skills, spells, items, companion, faction, and location on Vvardenfell, Solstheim, Mainland Morrowind (TR), Skyrim (SHOTN), or Cyrodiil (PC).
  • On MO2 installation, an installer window will pop up asking you to set a Data Files Directory.
  • Right click on Data Files and select "Set as < data files > directory".
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • CREL_Complete_AnthSol_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_Complete_ATOTSP_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_Complete_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_TR_AnthSol_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_TR_ATOTSP_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_TR_v3.1.esp
    • CREL_Vanilla_STOTSP_v3.1.esp
Written in the Stars - a birthsign mod Each birthsign now has a few variants (including the original one) for a grand total of 40 new lore-friendly birthsigns.
Weapon Sheathing - Bow Position Edit Tweaks bows so that they line up better with the sheathing animation.
Weapon Sheathing Additions Adds sheaths to weapons not covered by Weapon Sheathing.