Shaders and Patches


⭐ Beautiful Cities of Morrowind - Patches Patches for various mods
  • Files to install:
    • Beautiful Cities of Morrowind - Patches
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • Arvesa
    • 📃 Ashfall interop
    • Ashlander Traders Remastered
    • Bounty Hunter Assignments
    • Concept Art Plantations
    • Ebonheart Underworks
    • Far From Home
    • Foreign Quarter Market Square
    • Glass Domes
    • Logs on Fire
    • Main Quest Overhaul
    • Mamaea Awakened
    • Mandas Manor
    • OAAB Pomegranates
    • OAAB Foyada Mamaea Overhaul
    • Patch for Purists
    • Province Cyrodiil
    • 📃 Realistic Repair Addon
    • Rise of House Telvanni 2.0
    • Store Entrance Chimes
    • Strider Port Lights
    • Tel Aruhn Chronicles quest and Yansirramus Overhaul addon
    • Tamriel Rebuilt
    • Velothi Wall Art
    • Velothi Wall Art Re-Addon
Do not use the Publicans patch, it is outdated
​Various compatibility patches for HOTV Tomb of the Snow prince Solstheim Overhaul Various patches, including the White Wolf of Lokken, Wanderes of Solstheim, Children of Morrowind, Thirsk Expanded ongoing project
  • Files to install:
    • Various Patches for Tomb of the Snow prince - All in One
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • BT_Whitewolf_2_0_TOTSP.esm
    • Grandfather Frost - TOTSP.ESP
    • Thirsk Expanded for TOTSP.ESP
    • Tomb of snow prince_MW_Chilren_Patch.ESP
After installation
  • Run Wrye Mash (mash64) in Mod Organizer 2.
  • In the Mods tab, select BM_S_Inn - (Vanilla Inns - Animated Morrowind).ESP
  • Right click -> Repair Refs
​Morag Tong Polished - BCoM Patch One of the NPCs added by "MTP" ends up being suspended in the empty void if you use it alongside with the "Beautiful Cities of Morrowind". This patch returns him to the intended position. Also works fine with a replacer plugin provided by "Vanilla friendly wearables expansion".
  • Files to install:
    • After the Blight (BCoM)
    • Morag Tong Polished - BCoM Patch
​Ashlander Traders - Remastered - BCOM and Wares Brother Juniper's excellent Ashlander Traders mod, edited for compatibility and extra dialogue. Adds Ashlander Traders who will sometimes appear in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, or Suran.
  • Files to install:
    • Ashlander Traders Remastered - BCOM and Wares
⭐ alvazir's various patches Collection of compatibility patches, fixes, mod expansions and tiny mods.
  • Files to download:
    • Morag Tong Polished Compatibility Patch
      • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
        • 01 TR_Factions
    • Miscellaneous Patches
      • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
        • 01 Misc
        • 02 Script Fix
        • 03 Creature Leveled Lists
      • Available esps:
        • AliceL93 Vanilla Quest Tweaks - Script Fix.esp
        • AliceL93 Vanilla Quest Tweaks - TR_Factions Compatibility Patch.esp
        • Clean_Mines & Caverns - Script Fix.esp
        • Ebonheart_Underworks - Disable Rebirth Question.esp
        • Library of Vivec Overhaul - Full - Dialogue Fix.esp
        • Morrowind - Tombs Leveled Lists Flag Fixed.esp
        • OAAB Brother Junipers Twin Lamps - Camonna Tong Compatibility Patch.esp
        • OAAB Brother Junipers Twin Lamps - Script Fix.esp
        • Patch for Purists - Clean_Mines & Caverns - Mat.esp
        • Siege at Firemoth Naturalized - Script Fix.esp
        • Solstheim Tomb of The Snow Prince - Bloodmoon Rebalance.esp
        • Tribunal - Rare Durzogs In Vvardenfell Caves.esp
        • Wares-base - Adamantium Armor - Rare.esp
    • Wares-base - Expansion (modular)
      • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
        • 04 Modular
      • Available esps:
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Ashlander Traders Remastered.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - BeaconOfstRilmsNoAnim.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Camonna Tong.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Hlormaren Reclaimed.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Immersive Mournhold.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Morag Tong Polished.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - OAAB_Tel Mora.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Tel_Aruhn_Chronicles.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - The Rise of the Tribe Unmourned.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - The_Vanilla_Quest_Tweaks_RP_Choices_Consequences_Super_Mega_Package_-_Ultimate_Edition.esp
        • Wares-base - Expansion - Your Own Ashlander Tribe.esp
    • Tamriel Data - Factions
      • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
        • 02 Modular


⭐📃 Pixel Shader Style Water for MGE XE A modernized version of the pixel shader water from vanilla Morrowind, which aims to replicate the texture, transparency, and artistic feeling of the original mercurial water, without duplicating its low resolution.
⭐✨ Zesterer's OpenMW Shaders Photorealistic shaders for Morrowind
Per-pixel lighting enabled Light clamping disabled
⭐✨ Zesterer's Volumetric Cloud & Mist Mod for OpenMW A volumetric clouds mod for OpenMW
Enable post-processing shaders in your settings.cfg.

Shader setup

  • Run MGE XE in Mod Organizer 2.
  • In the Graphics tab, click Enable shaders.
  • Click Shader setup....
  • On the Set active shaders window, click Modding >>>.
  • Double click on the corresponding shader under Available shaders to activate.
  • Under Active Shaders have the following:
Underwater Interior Effects
Underwater Effects
Special Process
Eye Adaptation (HDR)
  • Click Save after setting up your shader chain.
Note that all of these shaders, minus the ones added by mods and which thus won't work without them enabled, are optional. In particular, Special Process tends to be divisive.