FMBP - Michael Michael Michael by PoodleSandwich2 Fixes Michael Mack's misreadings of the word "Dunmer".
FMBP - Greet Service by PoodleSandwich2 Makes it so service NPCs will greet you appropriatly.
Idle Talk Adds over 200 new voice entries for NPCs, mostly using edited original voice files.
Voice Overhaul by PhoenixRime All dialogues with voice phrases in the game have been re-sorted. Restored many unused lines, increased the variety of audible phrases. Many bugs fixed.


Outdoor Banners With Sound Outdoor banners now play sound alongside their animations. The sound will vary depending on the weather.
No Female Nord Screeching Replaces a handful of sound files to stop female Nords from bursting your ear drums when they are attacked.
Shut the Fuck up Cliff Racers Reduces the frequency of idle Cliff Racer screeches.
Quieter Doors and Spells Reduces the volume of doors and spells. Mod by Sigourn.
External Link to the download.
Spell Sounds Enhanced Vanilla-friendly replacer of each vanilla spell sound.
Haunted Barrows Gives Nord barrows their own unique sound. You will hear some deep-voiced chanting and perhaps some drums in the distance if you listen closely enough; hearkening back to ancient battles and burial rites.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Fire Sound Replacer
    • 02 SHS Patch
Store Entrance Chimes Adds entrance bell chimes with sound effects to imperial town tradehouses and taverns.
Tunnel Cough by Reizeron Makes Miner class NPCs cough.
Sound Spell Sound Effect by Reizeron With this plugin the player can hear an actual noise when he's under the effects of the Sound magic. Its volume depends on the total magnitude of the effect.