General Tips


It's time to finally run Morrowind.
  • In Mod Organizer 2, click on the executables dropdown menu to the left of the Run button, and select Morrowind.
  • Click Run to run the executable.
Always remember to run Morrowind through Mod Organizer 2 to detect the Virtual Files folder.
  • Once the game has finished loading, click Options and click the Video tab.
  • The Gamma Correction slider lets you increase/decrease the brightness of your game. I like to play Morrowind with the slider roughly 40-45% of the way from left to right, making the game look less washed out.
  • Turn the Real-time Shadows slider all the way to the left, disabling them. Morrowind's shadows are buggy, ugly, and are not worth the performance hit.
  • Turn the View Distance slider all the way to the right, maximizing render distance for actors and other statics.
If your game crashes when trying to access the Video tab, it may be because you are running Morrowind at a resolution unsupported by the game.
You should not adjust your resolution through the Video tab, as it will crash the game. Instead, run MGE XE and adjust it there.


Modding tips

The following aren't strict rules, but tips to follow if you are new to modding Morrowind.
  • Always keep backup saves, particularly so when uninstalling or installing mods.
  • Read mod descriptions. They usually list requirements, compatibility with other mods, and known issues. User comments can also list issues and possible fixes, but take these with a grain of salt. Many users erroneously claim a mod isn't working, because of end user mistakes.
  • Don't uninstall or install mods mid-playthrough, unless you know for sure you can do it safely. Mod descriptions and user comments can help you out here.
  • Learn how file structure works. Incorrect file structure means mods will not work as intended.
  • Register BSA files when appropriate. BSA files contain data files for the mod you are installing, or for other mods to use as a resource. Failing to register your BSA files can cause yellow exclamation triangles. This can also happen when a mod you are installing is missing assets.
To register a BSA file, launch Wrye Mash from Mod Organizer 2. In the Mods tab, click the BSA Archives tab to the right, and check the BSA you want to register.