⭐📃 Expeditious Exit by NullCascade Forces the game to instantly close on exit.
⭐📃 Memory Monitor by NullCascade Provides an in-game HUD element which warns the player as the game approaches critical memory limits. At a critical threshold, it can prompt to save and quit.
⭐📃 Sophisticated Save System by NullCascade Provides more types of autosaves, as well as a rotating list of quicksaves/autosaves so that the player always has a save to go back to.
⭐📃 Borrowed Time by VitruvianGuar Prevents Fortify Health and Drain Health effects from killing actors outright, leaving them at least one health point after they expire and are casted, respectively.
⭐📃 Consistent Enchanting by NullCascade Carries over unique item information, such as condition and script data when enchanting items.
⭐📃 Fortify MAX by Necrolesian Causes Fortify Magicka and Fortify Fatigue to affect the maximum as well as the current stat.
⭐📃 Attribute Effect Tweaks by Necrolesian Tweaks how Restore/Damage Attribute works on the player. Required by certain mods. No meaningful gameplay effect on its own.
📃 Immersive Run Fix by Petetehgoat Normalizes the player's movement speed, ensuring they run at a consistent speed even during diagonal movement.
⭐📃 Just Drop It by Merlord Dropped items and corpses are automatically positioned and oriented to align with the ground.
⭐📃 Perfect Placement by Hrnchamd Adds interactive placement, rotation and wall mounting of items. Arrange gear, books and anything else you can pick up. Requires MWSE 2.1.
📃 Loading Doors Lock Tune by Abot Automatically synchronizes linked doors locked/unlocked state on activate, lock/unlock by spell, unlock by lockpick, key. Makes loading doors play close sound a short time after opening.
⭐📃 Quest Skill Reward Fix by FMZ4 Makes the game treat skill increases from quests as if there were raised via normal means, solving numerous problems with how the game treats these skill increases.
⭐📃 Skill Increase GMST Fix by FMZ4 This mod fixes several engine bugs related to GMSTs used when raising skills via NPC training and skill books.
📃 Thrown Projectiles Revamped by Ryuzaki1 Corrects thrown projectiles inflicting twice their listed damage, by halving their damage output.
⭐📃 Graphic Herbalism Lighting by GrunTella Makes picking a glowing plant also remove the glow-light.


⭐📃 UI Expansion Expands UI functionality with searching, filtering, and more visual feedback.
⭐📃 UI Expansion Better Training Icons by tewlwolow This mod replaces UI Expansion training menu icons with sharper, cleaner versions.
📃 Improved Main Menu Adds several toggleable quality of life improvements to the Main Menu, including a Continue button and New Game confirmation prompts.
⭐📃 Tamrielic Lore Tooltips by PhDinSorcery Yagrum Bagarn's book Tamrielic Lore gives brief descriptions of the story behind several artifacts, all of which appear in-game. This mod adds excerpts from the book to the tooltips of each respective artifact.
⭐📃 Tooltips Complete by Anumaril21 Tooltips Complete provides helpful and lore-friendly flavour texts for nearly every item in Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, the Official Plugins, and an expanding collection of mods.
  • Files to install:
    • Tooltips Complete (Main files)
    • Tamrielic Lore Exclusions (Optional files)
⭐📃 MWSE Compare Tooltips by rfuzzo This mod adds compare tooltips for looked-at or equipped items against the equipped item of the same category. The mod has multiple MCM options to configure the comparison style.
⭐📃 Travel Tooltips by tewlwolow Adds tooltips with location descriptions and maps to travel menu.
  • On MO2 installation, right-click on 00 Core.
  • Click Set as data files directory and click OK.
⭐📃 Accurate Tooltip Stats by Necrolesian Implements more accurate, context-dependent tooltip displays for weapon damage and armor ratings, using MWSE-lua.
📃 Ownership Indicator Uses MWSE Lua to add an Oblivion style ownership indicator, when you look at owned items, beds, and more.
  • On MO2 installation, an installer window will pop up asking you to set a Data Files Directory.
  • Right click on Data Files and select "Set as < data files > directory".
📃 More Detailed Companion HealthBars MWSE Lua Script by Spammer21 Tweaked version of Mesafoo's Companion HealthBars, showing Magicka, Fatigue as well as currently selected weapon.
  • Files to install:
    • Compact Version (Main files)
📃 HUD Weapon Charge Adds a bar to the UI that shows the currently equipped weapon's charge under the weapon condition bar.
📃 Clocks Adds a clock to the UI that displays either game world time or real time.
📃 No Disease Labels Removes "Diseased", "Blighted", and similar adjectives from creature names using MWSE-lua.
📃 MWSE Loading Splash Screens by rfuzzo This mod uses MWSE to display splash screens during cell loading instead of freezing the frame as vanilla does.
⭐📃 Alchemical Knowledge Fixes gameplay and interface inconsistencies in the alchemy menu, provides it with a built-in effect filter and implements a Skyrim-like system for remembering ingredient effects.
This mod requires the Game mechanics/Healty appetite feature to be enabled in the Morrowind Code Patch.
⭐📃 Better Questlist Allows highlighting and hiding quests in the Journal questlist.
⭐📃 What Are My Attributes (Necro Edit) Adds an Attribute and Description widget to the Race menu so you can better plan your character.
External Link to the download.
Link to original mod by RingComics. The featured version includes UI fixes by Necrolesian.
⭐📃 Class Description Tooltip Restores the class description tooltip to the class selection menu, making it easier to decide which class you want to go with.
⭐📃 Shrine Tooltips Adds tooltips with the effect's name to shrines when hovering over the different options.
⭐📃 Smart Journal Adds several new options for the journal and quest pages.
  • After installation, hide the mod's Textures folder.
Consistent Keys Renames keys so they'll have a consistent naming scheme.
  • Files to install:
    • Consistent Keys - MWSE Version (Main files)
⭐📃 Propylon Index Renamer Renames propylon indexes so they'll group together in the inventory.
Soulgem Renamer Renames soulgems so they'll group together in the inventory.
No Thank You Adds a cancel button to Temple shrines and Imperial Cult altars.
📃 Book Worm Keep track of what books you have read by showing a (Read) indicator next to their names. You can also see a list of previously read books in the mod's Mod Config menu.
📃 Map and Compass This mod allows you to replace the magical vanilla map with a selection of more mundane maps, and the minimap with a compass.
  • Enter the Mod config menu in-game.
  • Select Map and Compass from the mod list to the left.
  • Click the mapsWagner tab.
  • Under the vvardenfellMapWagner header, click the Select button to make it your currently selected map.
  • Exit the menu.
📃 Map Replacements for Maps and Compass Wagner Style - Brujoloco Edition Replaces the maps from Map and Compass to give them a more immersive look.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Yellowed Maps


⭐📃 Quick Equip Adds a hotkey for equipping a selected inventory item.
⭐📃 Hotkeys Extended Expands the amount of quick menu hotkeys available.
⭐📃 Right Click Menu Exit Adds a hotkey for exiting any menu.
⭐📃 Security Enhanced Adds hotkeys for lockpicks and probes, as well as hotkey cycling options, ordering options, and auto-equip options for activating locked or trapped objects.
⭐📃 Torch Hotkey Adds a hotkey for equipping light sources, prioritizing already used lights.
📃 Kill Command Adds a hotkey for summons, followers and companions to attack the selected target.
📃 Better Buoyancy Add hotkeys for swimming and levitating. Use the jump key to float upwards, and the sneak key to sink downwards.
📃 Book Pickup Adds a hotkey for picking up books.


⭐📃 Randomised Chargen Adds buttons to randomise race, appearance, class, and birthsign during character generation.
⭐📃 MWSE Character Creation Name Generator UI overhaul allowing generate random name for you character upon character creation.
⭐📃 Improved Vanilla Leveling This mod attempts to preserve vanilla leveling mechanics while eliminating the need to micromanage skill and attribute increases in order to achieve optimal character progression.
MCM: DISABLE Retroactive Health Calculation
L.A.M.P. ---- Leftover Attribute Modifiers Persist Saves any unused skill ups for the next time you level up. No ESP needed.
⭐📃 MWSE State-Based Health A state-based health mod implemented in MWSE. Health is now calculated based on current endurance, strength and level.
📃 Ahead of the Classes Ahead of the classes makes many vanilla and TR classes playable and adds many new classes.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 FF addon
📃 Class Starting Spells MWSE lua mod, which changes the distribution of starting spells and gives its own list of them for every class, depending on the its central theme. Requires Magicka Expanded.
📃 Hold Your Breath Endurance determines how long you can hold your breath under water.
📃 Merlord's Character Backgrounds by Merlord Select from 27 different backgrounds, each with their own unique effects.
⭐📃 Diligent Defenders When the player or the player's companions are attacked, any companions will launch into action in defense.
⭐📃 Easy Escort Ensures that your followers get warped to you if they get too far away. Compatible with any follower from any mod, without any special script attached to that NPC.
⭐📃 Smart Companions Makes companions (the ones with the short companion local variable set to 1) able to interact with possible loot sources and doors you Alt+Activate, can fix/improve some companions/followers features, detect abot's modded Scenic Travelling and apply it to followers not already compatible with it...


⭐📃 Smart Ammo Ammo autoequip while bow/crossbow/thrown weapon readied. It will remember and prefer last hand-picked ammo if pressing Alt while equipping it.
⭐📃 Realistic Archery by Merlord Arrows and thrown weapons always do damage when they hit a target, but projectiles are less accurate at lower marksman levels, and damage is reduced at close range.
⭐📃 Sneaky Strike Modifies critical strike coefficient depending on the weapon you use.
📃 Pincushion by Hrnchamd The life of a marksman is one of advantage. Distance, time, initiative. But, when it's all over there is no trace of your work. Wouldn't it be satisfying to see your arrows, bolts and darts sticking into men, mer, tavern doors, and signposts alike? This mod is for you. Place an arrow right between their eyes.
📃 Brutal Backstabbing Introduces a backstabbing mechanic - do more damage when stabbing an enemy from behind (based on Agility/Sneak). NPCs can backstab you as well. Mod Config menu includes option for Short Blades only or all weapons.
📃 Lucky Strike - A Critical Hit Mod Adds a Luck-based Critical Strike mechanic.
📃 Poison Crafting Opens up an entire new facet of gameplay by granting the ability to use potions offensively, as poisons applied to your weapons. Supports all potions, including those added by other mods or crafted by the player. Additionally includes new HUD elements and various other improvements to the alchemy system as a whole.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Labelled Potions
📃 Nimble Armor Makes armor contribute to player and NPCs' evasion modifier as well as allowing evading attacks to practice Unarmored and Light Armor skills. Optionally makes Unarmored fully focused on evading attacks.
📃 Bleeding Injuries - MWSE by Spammer21 Going into a battle without proper armor will cause bleeding.


⭐📃 Putting Power In Willpower (Necro Edit) by Reizeron Rebalances the willpower-based spell resist mechanic, giving all in-game actors, Player, NPCs and Creatures an ability to shrug off spells through the sheer force of will, as it is implied by the attribute's description.
Link to original mod by R-Zero. The featured version includes fixes by Necrolesian.
📃 Magicka Regeneration Suite Ultimate magicka regeneration mod for Morrowind!
⭐📃 Magicka Expanded A lua-based framework for creating new, fully functional magic effects.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 - Framework
    • 01 - Resource Pack
    • 02 - Lore Friendly Pack
⭐📃 MM - Enhanced Detection Adds new Oblivion-inspired visual effects and mechanics for the vanilla Detection magic effects, as well as adds 7 new magic effects. It integrates those effects into new spells and distributes them in-game to spell vendors.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 - Core
    • 01 - Cast VFX
    • 02 - Alternate VFX
⭐📃 MM - Enhanced Invisibility Using invisibility changes the way you view the world. Instead of only becoming transparent, you see through an ethereal lens that warps and twists the environment around you. Daedra and Undead appear differently, making them distinct from other creatures around you.
The shader included in this mod needs to be registered in MGE XE to work as intended. Shader order will be given in the Shader setup section.
⭐📃 MM - Enhanced Light Replaces the Light magic effect with a Skyrim-style magelight effect, which creates an orb of light that will follow and float around you and other NPCs. Casting the magelight on a target location will create an orb of light at the location for the duration of the spell.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Optional FPS
The Optional FPS option provides better performance at the expense of high quality visual effects.
⭐📃 MM - Enhanced Telekinesis Using Telekinesis will now propel objects towards you with new VFX instead of immediately picking the item up.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Cast VFX
📃 Smarter Soultrap Allows Soultrap to make more intelligent use of available soul gems, including soul displacement and relocation. Includes optional leveling requirements.
📃 Useful Bound Armor Bound armor now uses the normal armor rating formula, taking light armor skill into account, instead of just providing the base rating regardless of skill.
📃 Seph's Libraryby Sephumbra A MWSE lua library that may be required by other mods. It does nothing on its own.
📃 Seph's NPC Soul Trappingby Sephumbra A MWSE mod that lets you soul trap NPCs.
📃 Atronach Expansion by MelchiorDahrk This mod takes several community resources as well as my own work and adds seven new types of monsters as summonable creatures: Bone Golem, Flesh Atronach, Iron Golem, Swamp Myconid, Telvanni Myconid, Ash Golem, Crystal Golem
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • Atronach Expansion_summonsOnly.ESP


⭐📃 Skills Module A lua-based framework that allows you to easily create new skills in Morrowind with just a few lines of code. This framework is a pre-requisite for Ashfall.
⭐📃 The Crafting Framework by Merlord A crafting framework for Morrowind, allowing other mods to register recipes, crafting materials and crafting stations.
⭐📃 Ashfall - A Camping Survival and Needs Mod by Merlord A survival mod with hunger, thirst, tiredness, cooking, camping and temperature mechanics, as well as incredible new visuals, from seeing frost on your breath in cold weather, watching your food cook on the grill in real time, and seeing your camping gear displayed dynamically on your backpack. Additionally implements the possibility of contracting blight diseases while out in a blight storm. A detailed guide for the mod can be found here.
📃 More believable bandit camps - an addon for Ashfall Adds appropriate clutter to the various bandit camps.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 TOTSP Addon
📃 The Blight by OperatorJack Significantly expands on how blight diseases work, adding new mechanics, interactions, and visuals.
⭐📃 Pickpocket Rebuilds pickpocket mechanics from the ground up, and adds a custom real-time menu to pickpocketing.
⭐📃 Stealth Improved Rebuilds stealth mechanics from the ground up, and makes sneaking a viable playstyle.
⭐📃 Silver Tongue Enhances Speechcraft via new gameplay mechanics and UI elements. Now an NPC's Disposition, Admiration, Intimidation, and Taunt will be locked behind skill gates.
⭐📃 Buying Game Enhances Mercantile via new gameplay mechanics and UI elements. Includes new base pricing mechanic, regional pricing, value estimate, merchant specializations, forbidden goods, illicit trade, investing mechanics, and more.
📃 Talking Matters (Speechcraft overhaul) This mod tries to make talking more inmersive by making it pass time, train speechcraft and generally giving NPCs a little more agency (being able to leave conversation if you talk too much or get offended if you fail to persuade them) on how the whole conversation business is handled.
📃 Realistic Movement Speeds Modifies movement speeds when strafing or backpedaling so that they are more realistic. NPCs and players alike will no longer be able to fire volleys of arrows while running backwards to safety. Movement direction is now tactically important.
⭐📃 Sprinting Adds a feature-rich sprinting functionality to the game.
📃 Wading in Water MW Slows all creatures, NPCs and the Player down when they are walking half-submerged in water.
📃 Light Decay The radius of a handheld light will gradually diminish and eventually go out when the light extinguishes.
📃 Real Fire Damage - MWSE Edition Makes fire sources damage the player when standing too close to them.
📃 Lucky Loot Greater luck may grant you better loot
📃 Locks and Traps Detection Allows you to have a chance to successfully detect traps and locks based on your security skill and relevant attributes, with a formula similar to the vanilla game.
This mod requires the Game Mechanics/Hidden locks and Game Mechanics/Hidden traps features to be enabled in the Morrowind Code Patch.
📃 Visually Trapped Objects Applies the enchanted effect to any doors or containers with traps. Compatible and complemented by Locks and Traps Detection.
📃 Realistic Repair Makes it so that repair hammers can only be used by activating an anvil, and prongs used by activating a forge. Optionally makes NPCs' equipped gear damaged to <20% condition when they die.
  • After installation, hide the Realistic_Repair_Optional.ESP plugin.
📃 Realistic Repair - Add-on Adds new, immersive work stations throughout the world; search for new grindstones and workstations to repair and maintain your equipment. A rework of the optional plugin from Realistic Repair.
📃 Controlled Consumption (G7 - Sig- Necro Edit) by Lucas9 Provides a configurable restriction on the amount of potions and ingredients the player can drink at any one time, removing one of the largest exploits in the game.
Link to original mod by NullCascade. The featured version includes tweaks by Greatness7, Sigourn and Necrolesian.
📃 Dungeons Rest Hostile NPCs and creatures' health, magic, and fatigue are reset to full when you enter interior cells.
📃 Skoomaesthesia by Merlord Adds new skooma mechanics including animated skooma pipe smoking, psychedelic shaders and sound effects, and skooma addiction.
The shader included in this mod needs to be registered in MGE XE to work as intended. Shader order will be given in the Shader setup section.
📃 Necrocraft - A Comprehensive Necromancy Gameplay And Quests Mod by VitruvianGuar Comprehensive modern day implementation of necromancy, using Skill Module, Magicka Expanded and Crafting Framework. Includes game mechanics overhaul, new quests and mysteries to solve, allowing to fully experience being the practicioner of a forbidden art of necromancy.
📃 Fence it - MWSE by Spammer21 Tired of not being able to sell your diamonds to Nalcarya because of that stupid thieves guild quest? Give them to a pawnbroker and he will make them unrecognizable! For a price of course...
📃 Ethereal Ghosts MWSE-lua mod that allows ghost and other incorporeal creatures to pass through closed doors


📃 The Sanguine Rose The Sanguine Rose adds a fully featured Daedric Quest for Sanguine, the prince of hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures. An Ordinator has been sniffing out Sanguine's shrine and he wants you to take care of the nosy do-gooder in an unconventional way.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 02 MWSE ME Patch
📃 The Demon of Knowledge A mysterious book has fallen into your possession… How did it get there? Who does it belong to? Follow the clues, as you find yourself taken away by a detailed, multilayered story steeped in TES Lore.
📃 Ministry of Clarity A sprawling questline full of action and intrigue with a fully radiant quest system, new loot and more!
📃 Pimp My Shrine - The Daedric Legend of Vernaccus A lore-friendly quest mod based on an in-game book brought to life, with dungeons, mind-bending puzzles, quests, Daedra, and the power to summon items from oblivion.
📃 Galerion's Tools Visit an old but familiar face to embark on a quest to discover an ancient enchanting tool, created by Galerion the Mystic, and unlock an entirely new enchanting mechanic.
📃 The Wabbajack Adds the legendary Wabbajack artifact!


⭐📃 Disturbing Dreams by VitruvianGuar MWSE lua mod changing the mechanics of Sixth House attacking the player during the sleep.
⭐📃 The Guar Whisperer by Merlord Allows your to tame and breed guars, and keep them as companions. Intelligent command menu gives unprecedented control over your guar. Attack enemies, fetch items, harvest plants etc. Build trust over time by keeping them happy and healthy to unlock more commands. Fight and play games to level up your guar.
⭐📃 DRIP - Dynamic Randomised Item Properties by Merlord Drip adds Diablo 2 style loot to Morrowind. Unique weapons, armor, clothing and accesories are dynamically generated, with over a hundred unique modifiers and more than a million possible combinations. Chance to apply modifiers configurable MCM.
📃 Danaes DRIP Depot Adds DRIP integration to 40+ mods
⭐📃 Unidentified Items Adds unidentified rings, amulets, belts, robes, pants and shirts to the game, as well as an Identify Service from Enchanters. 200+ trait, some 30 undesirable ones. Thousands of possible items with one or two traits Players skilled in Mysticism and Enchant can learn to Identify


⭐📃 AURA Customizable sound overhaul which adds ambient sounds, interior weather, extended voices, and more.
  • Files to install:
    • AURA (Main files)
    • AURA 5.2.2 Patch (Main files)
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Replacer
⭐📃 Character Sound Overhaul Customizable sound overhaul of the movement, combat, and item sounds of Morrowind. Unique, varied terrain-based footstep sounds, armor rattling sounds, new sounds for interacting with items, containers, and more.
The author recommends you set the Footsteps volume to minimum in your in-game audio settings.
⭐📃 Heartthrum The Heart of Lorkhan is still beating. You can hear it even on the surface - assuming you are brave (or foolish) enough to venture beyond the Ghostfence...
📃 Sounds of Souls Soul gems in the world, in the player's inventory, and that the player interacts with will play sounds, corresponding to the creature trapped inside of it. This includes creatures added by mods.
Note that users often forget about installing this mod, leading to questions on why they hear creature sounds from time to time when none are found nearby.
📃 MUSE 2 - Morrowind Music System Extended Extended and flexible music system for Morrowind, allows you to easily customize your music as well as make new music mods.
📃 MUSE 2.0.2 Necro Sig Edit Fixes a number of bugs with the original mod, and optimizes it by removing air/underwater specific music. Additionally restores the vanilla music for the introductory scene at the Imperial Prison Ship. Mod by Necrolesian and Sigourn.
External Link to the download.
📃 MUSE Music Expansion - Sixth House A 6th House music expansion of original tracks for the Morrowind MUSE mod, created using modern production techniques. Featuring 5 new exploration tracks, 4 new combat tracks, and 1 boss fight track.
📃 MUSE Music Expansion - Ashlander An Ashlander music expansion of original tracks by be created for the Morrowind MUSE mod. Featuring 4 new exploration tracks, 3 new combat tracks, and a special location track that plays in the Cavern of the Incarnate.
📃 MUSE Music Expansion - Dwemer A Dwemer music expansion of original tracks by be created for the Morrowind MUSE mod. Featuring 5 new exploration tracks and 4 new combat tracks.
  • Files to install:
    • MUSE Expansion - Dwemer (Vanilla - Tribunal) (Main files)
📃 MUSE Music Expansion - Daedric Sharp synths, distorted guitars, phasing drum loops... A Daedric themed music expansion of original tracks by be created for the Morrowind MUSE mod. Featuring 5 new exploration tracks and 4 new combat tracks.


📃 Enlightened Flames by Reizeron Replaces the game's particle-based candle flames with new, higher quality and better performance billboard-based ones.
⭐📃 Watch the Skies Weather overhaul with randomised cloud textures, more dynamic weathers, weather changes in interiors, seasonal weather chances, daytime hours changing with latitude and season, varied rain/snow density, dynamic cloud speeds, and more.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Clouds textures
    • 02 Weather Adjuster config - modern MGE XE
    • 03 Weather particles replacer
⭐📃 Weather Adjuster Regional weather colours, skies and lighting. Visual weather editor and region-based presets. Seamless transitions between regions.
⭐📃 Chameleon The weird transparency of models (clothes, hair) with alpha channels issue fixed: Your character is not transparent at all.
⭐📃 Let There Be Darkness - Lua Lighting Overhaul Configurable mod for automatic adjustment of lighting, including override values, cell whitelist, and light object editing.
⭐📃 True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit Modified version of True Lights and Darkness that reverts some of TLAD's more radical color changes, removes the flicker effect from most lights, plus a few other changes.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Full Mod
    • 01 Modular Plugins
    • 02 MWSE TLAD Lights
⭐📃 Vapourmist MWSE-Lua 3D clouds and mist.
⭐📃 Fallen Ash by NullCascade Dynamically adds ash decals to people, places, things, and probably concepts during ash storms.
📃 The Midnight Oil - Lighting Overhaul Toggle lights on and off. Town lights turn off during the day. Lights are no longer destroyed underwater. Lanterns aren't destroyed when they run out of fuel. Refill lanterns with candles and lamps with oil.
📃 Transporter Lights - MWSE Caravaners, Gondoliers, and Shipmasters equip lights at night for more immersion.
📃 Switchable Scriptures Lets you open or close any book or scroll in the game.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Closed Book Icons
    • 03 Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts


⭐📃 Boats by Abot You can travel by boat, ship and river strider in real time, and dismount anywhere in between trip starting and ending points
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • _abotBoatsWP.esp
    • _abotRiverStridersWP.esp
    • abotBoats.esp
⭐📃 Gondoliers by Abot real time travel Vivec gondoliers
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • abotGondoliersRV.esp
⭐📃 Silt Striders by Abot I wanted to travel Morrowind on top of a real Silt Strider so strongly, and after years waiting for some similar mod to be completed, I decided to try myself.
  • Double click the mod in MO2 and go to the Optional ESPs tab, move to the left (make optional):
    • ab01NPCLCVSchedulesFix.esp
    • abotSiltStriders.esp
⭐📃 Adjustable Landscape Texture Scale by MelchiorDahrk This mod allows you to manually increase the scale of the landscape texture to make it look more detailed without the need for hi-res replacers.
⭐📃 Unto Dust by MelchiorDahrk Adds floating dust to areas where dead are entombed similar to what is seen in Skyrim barrows.
  • On MO2 installation, check the following options in the installer:
    • 00 Core
    • 01 Default Dust
⭐📃 Heat Haze Adds a heat haze shader. Subtle, gets faster and stronger when near lava pools.
The shader included in this mod needs to be registered in MGE XE to work as intended. Shader order will be given in the Shader setup section.
⭐📃 Shattered Stones - An Earthquake Mod by Reizeron Adds recurring earthquakes to certain volcanically active regions of Vvardenfell. You'll hear the sounds of moving earth and breaking rocks, your screen will start to tremble with increasing intensity, and, if inside an interior, dust and particles will shake loose and fall from the walls and ceiling.
The shader included in this mod needs to be registered in MGE XE to work as intended. Shader order will be given in the Shader setup section.
📃 Kogoruhn Expanded An expansion mod for Kogoruhn, the capital of House Dagoth.
The shader included in this mod needs to be registered in MGE XE to work as intended. Shader order will be given in the Shader setup section.